Agile Guide

Executive Summary:
I created these infographics as supplements for an eLearning course on Agile, which you can view here. My audience was eLearning developers who needed a quick overview of the methodology so that they could be using it on a current project.
Agile Project Management comes from the world of software development, but it’s become increasingly popular in other sectors, including eLearning. However, eLearning professionals might not have a clear grasp of what Agile is all about. In some cases, eLearning developers will experience a culture clash if they are working with stakeholders who use Agile methodology and they come into the environment without prior knowledge.
Solution Criterion:
I wanted a resource that would be quick to read, informative, and easily shareable.
Selected Criterion:
Using Canva as my medium, I repurposed sections of the script I had written for the eLearning project to create a set of infographics.
Design and Development Process:
Originally, I was going to create a single infographic giving a definition of Agile and going over the 4 principles. After creating it, I realized that creating a second one explaining the sprint cycle would be critical for my learner because the principles themselves would not help them with implementation. To resolve this issue, I created a second infographic using the same theme and icon set.
The final infographics are easy to skim and give the reader enough information to operate on an Agile team without overwhelming them with details. They can be easily distributed on asynchronous platforms like Slack to orient new team members.