Remote Work Burnout

Executive Summary:
I created this infographic as a supplement for an eLearning course on burnout in remote employees. It is designed for managers who want to learn new remote management strategies so they can support their employees.
The shift to remote work is increasing burnout among employees. Managers who are adjusting to remote work themselves lack the soft skills necessary to intervene if they notice signs of burnout on their teams and do not have the time to undergo long trainings. I created this item to accompany a more comprehensive eLearning tool. You can click here to read the complete case study for the project.
Solution Criterion:
I knew that I would need a quick and easy-to-use training tool that would be easy to share and would not require much time to digest.
Selected Criterion:
I designed a one-page handout focusing on solutions for managers. I included a sources section at the bottom which could be customized to include contact information for the Employee Assistance Program or the HR Department as a way of providing extra support for the learner.
Design and Development Process
I reviewed research by Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and LinkedIn and concluded that the most effective information to share would be management techniques for minimizing the risk of burnout. I distilled my findings into five concrete management techniques for reducing the risk of burnout.
I wanted a design that would convey warmth and friendliness instead of anxiety, since the document itself is solution-focused. I modeled the look after water conservation and recycling infographics, using a baby-blue and teal color scheme and line drawings which are simple while not being childlike.
The final document is engaging and informative but not overwhelming, and the use of flat icons conveys information effectively.